About us

Once the mind of the student is stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions. Our Vision is to establish and sustain vibrant community of students with care and common interest while upholding prescribed school curriculum with meaningful learning objectives. "What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child." --George Bernard Shaw


We at Shardanilayam Educational Complex believe in Quality Education

We all are concerned about diminishing moral values in school curriculum and growing discrimination in student's communities. On the face of this evidence the distressing certainty in the country is that we have made no serious changes in this regard. However it has been realized that the obligatory school education in our country has contributed to some extent to this worrying situation.

We push the students hard to a world of predetermined sets of competencies - to the process of learning something by repeating it until you remember it rather than by understanding the meaning of it. Our classroom teaching method deprives children opportunities to learn in a joint and thoughtful manner to help students acquire the fundamental social expertise. The old system of examination has contributed to a mad rush for Ranks, Seats and Jobs. The real objectives of education are never focused to students.

Sharadanilayam's efforts in this regard:

We are seriously bothered about the declining awareness of cultural backgrounds among students, and try our level best to restore the same through several performances, right from the root level. This year we had organized several cultural functions and student's involvement and participation were just immense.

Our Institution is equipped with an auditorium in a phased manner, cultural equipments -Tabla, Harmonium, Make-up Kit, etc.

We ensure that children from each sections of society recognize the moral ideas and attitudes that belong to a particular group or society and build up on those virtues.

Further realizing that, the approved textbooks to students be likely to provide insufficient plasticity in amalgamating local resources including local ‘texts’ and culture, we take enough corrective actions to refurbish the mindset of young children, with love for their own culture and heritage.

We are confident in the coming years we would be able to transfer our determination and passion to a more real and concrete state.